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In three-tire system of administration (I. Administrative Deptt II.Heads of Deptt & III.District Offices and Subordinate Offices there to), Heads of Deptt plays a key role between the Administrative Deptt of Govt. and District Offices and Subordinate Offices thereto. Director of Health Services, Orissa being the Heads of Deptt under the administrative control of Health & F.W.Deptt of Government of Orissa occupies a distinct position in the Health care service administration of the State pertaining to promotive, Preventive and Curative aspect of the State containing 30 (Thirty) Districts having 3.67 Crore population with 38% schedule population. While State Government in Health & F.W. Department formulate policies, the Director of Health Services, Orissa being the Heads of Department execute all Health policies. The National Health Programme like:- (1) N.P.C.B (2) Yaws Control Programme (3) N.L.E.P (4) N.M.E.P (5) N.F.C.P (6) N.M.H.P (7) R.N.T.C.P (8) Goiter controls Programme are also being executed in the State under the active control and supervision of Director of Health Services, Orissa.

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